Sapio Life supplies hospitals with integrated solutions and services for gas management and technical support for systems and devices.

Gas management services

Sapio Life offers an effective management of technical and medical gases within hospitals, through numerous services:

  • hire and maintenance of fixed and mobile containers
  • leasing of mixers to produce synthetic medical air
  • transport, delivery and internal distribution of mobile containers
  • connection oif the containers to the systems
  • traceability of medical gases
  • management of tank deposits and warehouses
  • telemetry and remote control services
  • supply of accessories to use the gases
  • technical support and on-call availability
  • helium refilling service for Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)

Total Gas Management (TGM): integrated and complete services for the management of gases and distribution systems for hospitals. We are the sole reference contact and coordinator of all the aformentioned activities.


System maintenance services

Technical support:

  • routine, extraordinary and corrective maintenance of the distribution systems of medical gases, vacuum and removal of anaesthetic gases with on-call and emergency service
  • computerized management of the maintenance activities


Other services

  • engineering and consultancy services for technical, legilsative or regulatory issues
  • environmental monitoring of the anaesthetic gases
  • analysis of the quality of the gases
  • computerized contract management systems
  • training courses


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