Sapio Life offers its partners (local health authorities, hospitals, sleep medicine centres, health centres, etc.) design and construction of fully-equipped sleep medicine centres. Thanks to continuous research and technological innovation, Sapio Life guarantees turnkey solutions for any requirement.

Sleep room

The sleep room is a specific room used to let patient sleep, so that his or her sleep can be monitored with permanent neurological and cardiorespiratory polysomnography with various origins (64 channels and more). Moreover the digital video surveillance system allows for the video and audio recording of the activities in the room. As well as monitoring, Sapio Life provides all the instruments for the communication with the sleep room, such as, for example, intercoms.

Advanced sleep-endoscopy

Thanks to the innovative systems applied Sapio Life allows specialist doctors to perform sleep endoscopy procedures (cardiorespiratory monitoring) during the patient’s sedation in the operating theatre.


Sapio life offers the best technology available on the market to diagnose sleep disturbances, in line with national and international standards.

Research and training

Investments in research and personnel training are the fundamental pillars of Sapio Life’s work. This is why the company supports universities and all who want to conduct research on sleep, providing the best technologies also for remote training.


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