Hemodialysis is one of the possible dialysis treatments that a patient with chronic kidney failure can undergo. Through a special device, called an artificial kidney, blood is drawn and passed through a filter that purifies it. The “clean” blood is then returned to the patient.

Through the Assisted Home Hemodialysis Service, Sapio Life offers patients the opportunity to perform the therapy in peace at home, thanks to the presence throughout the treatment of a specialized nurse who manages the entire dialysis therapy, including the pre-post treatment phases.
The presence of the nurse allows to
– facilitate the patient’s decision to adhere to the home treatment program;
– avoid the constraint of training a family member or caregiver who is able to support the patient during all phases of therapy
– to overcome the sense of inadequacy, hesitancy, fear and difficulty of the patient, family and caregiver in implementing life-saving therapy in a non-hospital setting
– Facilitate dialogue and collaboration among those involved in the treatment plan; and
promote overall treatment compliance through a therapeutic alliance that unites caregivers, patient and family.

In addition to nursing care, Sapio Life takes care of all the logistical and technical aspects related to therapy, such as supplying materials, managing special waste, routine and extraordinary equipment maintenance.

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