Intravenous infusion therapy refers to the administration of a drug directly into the bloodstream through a vein, central or peripheral.
Intravenous infusion is indicated when, for example, administration via the gastrointestinal route is not possible due to the characteristics of the drug itself or the gastrointestinal conditions of the patient that prevent its absorption.
Examples of fields of application are Parenteral Nutrition and Antibiotic Therapy.


Intravenous therapy can be carried out in the patient’s own home thanks to the technical healthcare support of Sapio Life’s specialized personnel, who are responsible for supplying the necessary equipment (infusion pump, infusion set, nursing material), managing the infusion line and venous access, and providing technical healthcare assistance.
Sapio Life accompanies the patient and his family from the initial interview aimed at identifying the best assistance and the most suitable medical devices needed, and throughout the duration of the service, offering educational and training activities and technical and/or health assistance.

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