Telemedicine represents an innovative approach to healthcare practice that allows the delivery of remote services through a set of technological solutions, such as the use of medical devices with Wifi/Bluetooth connection, computer programs, internet networks, cloud platforms and dedicated software.
These technologies allow the transmission and management of information such as vital parameters, data, images and various documents between doctor and patient in a secure way and in compliance with Privacy (GDPR – New Privacy Regulation on Data Protection).
In this way, the doctor has the possibility to constantly monitor all the information related to the patient and intervene promptly in case of need.

Telemonitoring represents an area of interest in Telemedicine which consists in the remote recording and transmission of various vital parameters acquired from Medical Devices.

The service offered by Sapio Life, mainly addressed to home care patients suffering from chronic pathologies, including Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Chronic Respiratory Insufficiency, COPD and Cystic Fibrosis, is customized according to the needs of the individual patient and according to specific requests provided by the doctor. All the necessary equipment and accessories delivered to the patient’s home comply with current regulations and the service is entrusted to qualified and specially trained personnel.

The advantages offered by the telemedicine/telemonitoring service are many, both for the patient and for doctors and care givers:

  • constant clinical monitoring
  • prevention of possible relapses
  • reduction in the number of re-hospitalizations
  • greater feeling of safety and better “care experience” by the patient.


Sapio Life offers several telemonitoring solutions:

  • Monitoring of ventilation data collected by medical devices for the treatment of sleep breathing disorders such as cpap and autocpap ventilators. In this application, the doctor, through access to a dedicated cloud portal, will be able to monitor the progress of the therapy, verify compliance and therapeutic adherence and possibly intervene remotely by modifying the parameters of the therapy. This activity is totally automatic without any kind of action by the patient.
  • Monitoring of vital parameters detected in full autonomy by the patient or Care Giver from different medical devices such as saturimeter, blood pressure monitor, thermometer, scale, glucometer, spirometer, etc. …. that allow the doctor to assess the progress of the parameters over time and intervene if necessary. In this context it is also possible to perform diagnostic tests such as spirometry and nocturnal oximetry.

Advantages of the telemedicine/telemonitoring service

  • constant clinical monitoring,
  • prevention of possible relapses
  • reduction in the number of re-hospitalizations
  • Feeling of safety and care in taking charge and monitoring remotely with a guarantee of a better “care experience” by the patient.

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