Artificial nutrition is the therapeutic procedure through which it is possible to meet the nutritional needs of patients who are unable to feed themselves sufficiently by natural means.
It is distinguished in two types, according to the mode of administration of nutrients:
1. Enteral Nutrition: administration in the gastrointestinal tract through the use of devices called probes or tubes that allow the food and / or water directly into the stomach or intestine bypassing the oropharyngeal tract;
2. Parenteral Nutrition: administration of nutrients in their elemental form (glucose, lipids, amino acids) directly into the bloodstream through devices called venous catheters.

In both cases, in order to safely and accurately administer nutrients, an electronic pump and tubes called defluxers are often used.
In addition, to avoid local or systemic complications related to infection or inflammation, it is necessary to perform dressing procedures and management of nutritional accesses (probe / probe or venous catheter) using appropriate nursing equipment.


Artificial Nutrition is prescribed by a nutritionist doctor, following an examination and a careful nutritional evaluation.
The Home Artificial Nutrition service can be totally paid for by the National Health Service: to be able to take advantage of it, it is necessary that the doctor in charge of the patient communicates the need for the therapy to the competent ASL. The ASL, by means of designated personnel, will inform the patient of the operational procedures for the management of the service provided, and will activate the service by making use of specialized companies such as Sapio Life.


The Sapio Life Artificial Home Nutrition Service, in its NED (Enteral Home Nutrition) and NPD (Parenteral Home Nutrition) variants, consists of the home delivery of what is necessary to carry out the therapy, the training of the patient and his or her caregiver in the use and conservation of the material, and assistance through specialized technical and health personnel (technicians, nurses, dieticians, doctors).
The Sapio Life service is aimed at patients at risk or in a state of malnutrition, malabsorption syndromes, oncological, neurological, psychiatric diseases and in all cases where nutritional support is needed. The patient and family are accompanied from the first moment of taking charge and for the entire duration of therapy and, in case of travel for treatment or vacation, even outside of their place of residence.

For the provision of the Service Sapio Life uses a solid structure and organization that includes:

  • Service Center to collect requests and guarantee assistance h24-7/7
  • Warehouse for storage and distribution of medical devices, food and drugs
  • Capillary organization of technical and health personnel for training and assistance on site
  • Logistic organization for home delivery of food/medicines respecting the cold chain
  • Web platform for the management of the entire service by the technical health staff and the clinical nutrition center of reference.

The offer can be modulated according to different proposals in order to reflect the different types of needs, meeting a high standard of quality and safety.


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