Oxygen therapy is a treatment that consists in the administration of oxygen at a higher concentration than that present in ambient air, in order to treat or prevent the symptoms and manifestations of arterial hypoxemia. This therapy can be applied both in hospital in acute situations for the period necessary to overcome the acute event, and in the long term in the case of chronic diseases such as COPD.

Sapio Life offers all types of technological solutions available upon request of the specialist who establishes the dosage in terms of flow/minute and hours/day and the most appropriate delivery system based on the patient’s characteristics:

Containers of liquid medicinal oxygen: these are the solution of choice for patients with any degree of mobility and therapeutic flow, possible thanks to the storage of high volumes of medicinal oxygen in liquid form and the possibility of using practical and spacious portable units.
Fixed and portable concentrators: these are the solution of choice for patients with a low degree of mobility and/or therapeutic flow, requiring a source of electrical energy to activate the process of air separation and oxygen delivery.
Compressed medicinal oxygen cylinders: useful for short-term therapies, they are ideal for patients who require therapeutic oxygen for short periods of time.


Sapio Life manages and controls the entire process, from the production of the drug to the ordinary and extraordinary technical assistance interventions during the therapy.

At the time of the first activation of the home oxygen therapy service, Sapio Life instructs the patient, family members and/or caregivers on the correct use of medical devices and on the characteristics of oxygen to ensure safe use during therapy and ensures that training activities are periodically scheduled and renewed.
Sapio Life’s home oxygen therapy service is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year: in the event of an emergency outside office hours, you can contact us by calling the toll-free number, which is always manned by an operator.

Sapio Life has been operating for years in this sector with a tested and qualified structure, making reliability and timeliness of supply (liquid oxygen, gaseous oxygen and oxygen concentrator) its strong points.
The supply of medical oxygen, equipment and materials is one of the historical activities of Sapio Life, which has always been committed to ensuring reliability, safety, ease of management in home oxygen therapy as well as the greatest possible autonomy for the patient.

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