The home monitoring service for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or Cradle Death) is an electronic surveillance performed during sleep by means of instruments called cardiorespiratory monitors.
The monitors detect the cardiac and respiratory activity of the child: they are equipped with audible alarms that come into operation when there are alterations in heartbeat or breathing and thus allow timely intervention if necessary.
The monitor must have a memory for recording events. In addition, it must be able to detect heartbeats, chest breathing movements, and oxygen in the blood.
Vital functions are detected with a simple application of two electrodes to the chest and a small light probe to the child’s foot or hand.
Thanks to the capillarity of Sapio Life technicians, we are able to offer and guarantee assistance throughout the country. The health of our children is a duty to ensure the future and global sustainability.


For neonatal and preterm monitoring, Sapio Life offers:

  • cardiorespiratory and saturimetric monitors, equipped with memory and audio-visual alarms, which can be adjusted according to the different needs and age of the baby and which come into operation whenever an abnormality of vital parameters is detected
  • Consumables for saturation and electrocardiograms
  • technical assistance to ensure monitoring during rest.


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