Ventilation therapy, or mechanical ventilation, is a treatment that consists in the support or replacement of spontaneous breathing and is used when the patient’s natural respiratory efforts are unable to support adequate alveolar ventilation.
In case of respiratory failure, the respiratory system is not able to ensure sufficient oxygenation of the blood, so it is necessary to request the support of ventilotherapy through the use of a medical device that artificially assists breathing with the aim of increasing the levels of oxygen in the blood and reduce carbon dioxide by supporting the work of the respiratory muscles.
A mechanical ventilator is an instrument that replaces or supports the function of the respiratory muscles by providing the energy needed to ensure adequate flow, pressure, and volume of gas into the alveoli during inspiration.

It is a supportive, sometimes vital, treatment that can be provided either during a hospital stay or at home on a physician’s prescription, in cases where the condition of respiratory failure is chronic.
Ventilotherapy can be prescribed in two ways:
– invasive, practiced through tracheostomy cannula that allows the entry of the ventilator airflow to the lungs
– non-invasive, performed by means of facial or nasal masks connected to the ventilator.

Sapio Life offers each patient a home ventilator service tailored to individual needs, through a wide range of electromedical medical devices, related consumables and qualified technical assistance.

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